Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm here!

Hola´ familia!! Regardless of an extremely uncomfortable sleep on a 4
and a half hour flight, I´m in the CCM (MTC) safe and sound and I have
absolutely fallen in love with the city, the people, my district, my
teachers and most importantly the work! I´m super excited and I´m
having a blast! My teachers are amazing, Hermana Garrido and Hermano Lopez, they´re great! My CCM companion is Hermana Bond from Collieville, Texas and she´s a sweetheart!! All the sisters in my
district and my casa (house) are way neat and we all get along great!!
There are only 3 sisters serving in Guatemala, and the rest are going
to Panama, pretty awesome!! The city is beautiful and busy, and so
warm and humid!! The weather is perfect, it´s springtime weather!! The
CCM president is awesome, very spiritual and has a good sense of
humor, he gave us a warm welcome and put all our fears and concerns to rest. I can see the temple pretty much everywhere I go around the CCM and it is BEAUTIFUL!! Muy bonita!! And the food... ay ay ay, muy delicioso!! Breakfast this morning was sunny side up eggs with pico de gallo and chili verde, real black beans, a roll and real cream of wheat with natural cinnamon. It was awesome!! Also, madre and padre (mom and dad), to put you at ease, I will not be flying back to LA, the church has to purchase a flight back to the US because I currently don´t have my visa, but since I will actually be in the CCM for 6 weeks, I will have it by then and the booked flight to LA will be canceled. So, no worries!! Well, my time is up, but I will write again on my P day, which I believe is on Wednesdays in the CCM. Anyway, talk to you all later, and take care!! Te´amo (I love you)!!
Sister Belnap

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