Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hola mi Mama!!

I miss you so much!! But I am doing fantastic!! lol!!  Life is so good!! That is great to hear about Grandpa!! Did he get his  letter?? By the way, I sent a letter to the house for Kelsey, please  get that and a BOM to her. Sorry to hear about Uncle Steve... Do not worry about the package Mama, it will get here soon. ;) I am sure  Jaycie was a stud up there on the stands!! Tell her I love her and  wish her the best!! How are you doing Mama?? Are you okay?? I worry about you daily. Hope all is well!! Love you lots Mama!! Rachael! Way to work hard and get it done!! I am so proud of you!! I did not play hockey in school... Keep it up sis!! Love you lots!! Ryan!! lol!! You crack me up buddy!! It is true you can lose a lot when you do not do anything, keep working hard!! And way to go to a missionary fireside!! That is one of the best things you could do to prepare!! It is a battlefield out here, but you never lose, it is only winning!! ;) Love you buddy!! Well fam, this week was great!! My Spanish is coming along great!! I am more and more fluent every day, and I even had a dream the other night in Spanish!! lol!! Funny story, during personal study, we looked out the window of our classroom and saw a flatbed semi with stationary bikes on it, and there was loud music and a biking class going on while the truck was moving!! It was insane!! I laughed!! Then today I saw a guy carrying one of those like 5 foot propane tanks on his motorcycle... only in Guatemala... lol!! So today we moved out of the casa and into the CCM because worldwide temple visitors need the casa.  So I am now living with Latinas, and I will let you know how that goes... lol.  My exchange companion for this transfer was Hermana Maye and I love her to death!! She is so flipping cute!! She stands about 4 foot 9, has the sweetest smile and super-fast Spanish!! Love her!! She taught me so much!! We watched a devotional this week and it was that MTC talk that Michael always talked about when he was in the MTC by Elder Holland, Don{t you dare go home. LOVED IT!! Elder Holland is a BOSS!! I love how direct he is, but he is also so tender and so loving!! Amazing man.  Oh!! On Sunday, I gave a prayer in front of ALL the sisters in Spanish!! I am super proud of myself!! The only sad thing this week was one of the Norte hermanas went home due to anxiety and homesickness. It was really sad... I couldn’t imagine going home, especially now... it broke my heart.  Anyway, but it was a great week!! Mama, could you send Hermana Bond some pumpkin cookies when she is out in the field?? She loves pumpkin and there is NO pumpkin here in Central America.  lol.  I will send her address. I am in the field in 2 weeks!! Crazy!! I cannot believe I have been out a month!! The time has absolutely flown!! It is amazing and I am so grateful to be here!! I bear my testimony that this church is true, and is RAPIDLY growing. We have 39 more Nortes coming tomorrow and around 100 Latinos coming. The CCM is FULL!! How can anyone say the work will be stopped?? It simply can’t. There are so many young adults willing to give up their time to serve the Lord and do His work and it is truly beautiful.  We all left a lot behind to come do this, and like Elder Holland said, I am going to pull my socks up to my armpits and get to work!! That is what I came here to do and I am going to do it and I am going to do it hard and I am going to do it right!! Because I love this work, I love this gospel and I love the Lord God Almighty with all my heart and soul!! This is the best thing I have ever chosen to do and I thank the Lord every day for this opportunity!! Well time is short, but remembers this, and do everything you can to spread His work, for it is the reason why we are ALL here.  :) I love you all with every fiber of my being!! Have a great week!!   

Love, Hermana Belnap

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