Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am so happy that Grandpa is getting better and going home soon!! That is great news!! I hope you and Rachael have fun at the Young Womens general conference, I always loved that. And I am so jealous about General Conference tickets!! That is awesome!! Have a blast!! Hermana Bond{s address is: Panama Panama City Mission Carrasquilla Entrega General AP 0834 Ciudad de Panama Provincia de Panama Panama.  If you would rather not risk it, it is okay. :) I just love her so much!! She is seriously the best I could ask for in a companion!! We take care of each other and we really complement each other and work well with each other.  We already miss each other and we still have days left together. Could you send me family pics when I am out in the field please? Thank you!! I hope you have a wonderful Easter Mama, and I love you with all my heart and soul!! :) Rachael!! haha, thanks, I am trying to stay fit!! That is cool about that guy you listened to, but I just want you to really think about what you want to do, and follow the Spirit because he will tell you. 2 Nephi 32:3. I love you sissy and I hope you continue to work hard and have fun!! Ryan!! Glad you had fun on your date and your having a blast being a teenager!! lol!! It sounds fun to do some MMA training, be careful and stay strong!! ,)) You will have to teach me how to fight when I am home. lol.  Love you lots Buddy!! Have a great week!! Well fam, this week was really good!! I had the best lesson ever with my companion with our teacher who pretends to be an investigator for us to practice on, Noe. At first he was really defiant, wouldn't keep committments and just really hard to teach, but now he is getting baptized!! It was just such a good lesson, my Spanish was great and I was near in tears. Then a for reals lesson this week, Hermana Bond and I taught an inactive woman who did not speak Spanish but Cochi, a dialect of Spanish here in the northern part of Guatemala. She didn't understand us very well, but she understood when we were bearing testimony and she said she would read more and try to attend church. Hermana Nicolaysen, Presidente's wife, taught us a neat lesson in Relief Society this Sunday and she said something that send chills down my spine. She was talking about what to expect out in the field and what we should be doing here, and she said, Where you are now is the training ground for what you will be doing in the future... That is a big reason why I am here, for my kids, so they can have a strong Mama in the church with a strong testimony, just like my Mama. :) So this week, my goal is to speak completely in Spanish, and so far so good!! The only times I use English is journal writing, writing letters and if there is an absolute need to speak it. Otherwise, I am all Spanish. Today in the temple, I went through using Spanish, and it was AWESOME!! I am very proud of myself. Our teacher Hermano Bonilla was talking to Hermana Bond and I and he said that he has no worries about us and he has full confidence in us that we will be okay. That meant so much to us just to hear that someone believes in us, here in the CCM. And he also asked us why we thought he has been so hard on us when he plays the role of Noe. We asked why, and he said because I want you to expand your Spanish, because I know you can. He is an amazing teacher, He has taught me so much from day one, love that guy!! Thanks to him, I am decently prepared!! Just an fyi here, we have been told that the authorities of the church are estimating over 100,000 missionaries by the end of the year!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?!?! That is so awesome!! Truly, God{s army... and I am part of it and honored to be. Well, I am about out of time family, but know that I am doing  amazing, loving what I am doing and my testimony is seriously growing by the minute!! I love you all more than words can express!! Have a wonderful week and A HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY!!!!!

Love, Hermana Belnap

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